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Family Ambassador FAQs

I have the important dates and see that I have a conflict. Should I still apply?

All training and event dates listed are required. If you are aware of any conflicts now, please contact to determine if this will inhibit you from serving as an FA.

I have a conduct violation, so what does that mean for my application?

Our application asks that if you have a violation, you disclose that to Family Engagement. It does not mean you will automatically be disqualified from serving as an FA. We will need to learn more about the situation.

If you are concerned whether your violation will affect your standing, please contact prior submitting your FA application.

I will not be in Evanston in Fall 2022. Can I apply?

Unfortunately, you would not be able to apply. We anticipate hosting Parent and Family Orientation and Family Weekend in person for Fall 2022 and all FAs will need to be in Evanston for training and programming.