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True Northwestern Dialogue Series

Northwestern's orientation process aims to provide you with opportunities for self-reflection and exploration, navigation of campus spaces and resources, connection with peers, and development of well-being management methods. The True Northwestern Dialogue (TND) series includes pre-TND modules—completed during the summer as part of Purple Prep—as well as in-person TND sessions during Wildcat Welcome that seek to begin engaging you in learning of these core areas to help you transition to your new community. Following the introduction to learning of these topics in orientation, you are encouraged to more deeply explore these topics throughout your time as a Wildcat.  

Pre-TND Requirements

Purple Prep includes five pre-TND programs that lay a foundation for the dialogues that will take place during Wildcat Welcome.

All incoming students must complete pre-TND requirements to be eligible to register for fall courses during Wildcat Welcome. 

The Role of Land Acknowledgements at Northwestern

This pre-TND module explores what a land acknowledgement is and its significance, both individually and in relation to Indigenous peoples. You will learn the history of Native American initiatives at Northwestern, consider the role of settler colonialism in the lives of Native Americans, and discover how to intentionally and respectfully engage with Indigenous communities to build relationships beyond the land acknowledgement statement.

Campus Safety at Northwestern

This pre-TND module teaches you proactive approaches to preventing violence, preparing for emergencies, and responding to an emergency if one occurs.

  • Open May 3–August 31
  • Access Campus Safety
    • You must watch the full video and then click forward to the final page; reaching the final page will automatically mark this task as completed on your Purple Prep checklist.
  • Approximate time to complete: 15 minutes
  • Note: Subject matter may be emotionally challenging for some students. If this is true for you or if you have any questions, please email Student Transition Experiences at to determine an alternate means of completing the requirement.

Hazing Prevention 101

This pre-TND module teaches you how to recognize, prevent, and report hazing at Northwestern—actions crucial to fostering a safe and healthy campus community.

  • Open May 3–August 31
  • Access Hazing Prevention 101
    • Click “Register” (located at the top of the page) and use your email address.
  • Approximate time to complete: 20 minutes
  • Questions? Email the dean of students' office at, noting “Hazing Prevention 101” in the subject line.


This pre-TND builds your well-being management skills by helping you make informed decisions about the role of alcohol in your college experience. By providing personalized feedback and strategies for dealing with the drinking behaviors of peers, it aims to challenge your assumptions about alcohol, encourages reflection on how alcohol-related choices can affect academic and social success, and emphasizes taking an active role in creating a healthy campus community.

  • Open August 9-September 4
  • You will receive an automated email from Vector with a link to complete the training on August 9
  • Approximate time to complete: 90 minutes
  • Questions? Contact Health Promotion and Wellness at

Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates

This pre-TND has two objectives: to initiate a conversation and to show what it takes to create a community that supports healthy sexuality and rejects sexual violence. It covers how to identify sexual violence, how to define and uphold consent, and how to access on-campus and local resources related to support and reporting. Every member of the Northwestern community can help build a culture of zero tolerance for violence, and taking guidance from this pre-TND is a good way to start.

Note: The subject matter may be emotionally challenging for some students. If this is true for you, please  email the confidential support staff based in the Center for Awareness, Response, and Education at Northwestern (CARE) at, noting Concerns about Sexual Assault Prevention pre-TND in the subject line. 

  • Open August 9-September 4
  • You will receive an automated email from Vector with a link to complete the training on August 9
  • Approximate time to complete: 45 minutes
  • Questions? Contact Student Transition Experiences at

TND Sessions during Wildcat Welcome

The pre-TND programs in Purple Prep provide you with the foundation to then engage in the TND sessions during Wildcat Welcome. You participate in each TND session with a small group of other new students to engage in learning and dialogue about topics vital to becoming a Northwestern community member. Sessions are a first step to learning about topics such as community values, well-being, healthy relationships and consent, and social justice and inclusion.

All incoming students must complete TND session requirements in order to gain access to register for winter quarter courses.

Continued Engagement of TND Topics

Pre-TNDs and TND sessions are the first time, but not the only time, you will be asked to engage with the topics raised in the sessions. Throughout your first year, you will be encouraged to participate in continued spaces of learning to build upon the foundation you built in Wildcat Welcome. You will see these optional opportunities included in ongoing communication from Student Transition Experiences.