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Your Personal Checklist

Purple Prep Checklist is your personalized, dynamic tool for managing all your summer to-dos, allowing you to track your progress as you complete tasks. Before you access your checklist, follow the five steps below to set yourself up for success!

1. Add Purple Prep Checklist to your home screen.

If you have a smart phone or tablet, we recommend adding your checklist to your device's home screen so that you always have it at your fingertips. After logging in to the checklist site, do the following:

  • iOS Safari: Tap the share icon in the action menu at the bottom of the screen and select the "Add to Home Screen" option (you may need to scroll up to see it).
  • Android: Tap the menu button and select "Add to Home Screen."

2. Answer questions to build your checklist.

When you log in to the checklist site for the first time, you are prompted to respond to several questions so that your Purple Prep Checklist can be custom-built based on your answers. If you need to change some of your answers later, click on the checklist's profile icon. 

3. Opt in to get weekly reminders texted to you.

One of the last questions you're prompted to answer is whether to opt in or out of receiving weekly text message reminders. If you opt in, you'll receive a text every Sunday notifying you of any unchecked items due that week. No text is sent if you've already completed your tasks for the week. To stop receiving texts, click on the checklist's profile icon to update your preferences.

4. Manage your progress.

Click on a task to see its description, and mark the checkbox when you complete the task. Only those tasks with a gray box in place of a checkbox will be automatically checked off for you.

The only tasks that do not appear on your checklist are those related to financial aid (if applicable); to manage aid-related to-dos, use the relevant feature of CAESAR.

5. Get to 100%!

Every time you check off a task, your progress wheel gets closer to completion. Get to 100% by the time you arrive for Wildcat Welcome and watch your checklist celebrate with you!


Any questions about accessing or navigating your Purple Prep Checklist?
Contact Student Transition Experiences at or 847-467-3988.