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Well-Being at Northwestern

Transitioning to and through your first year at Northwestern involves a great deal of change that can impact your well-being. Prioritizing your health is an ongoing, lifelong process; therefore, each component of Northwestern's orientation includes ways to learn about well-being and how to find support for thriving mentally and physically throughout your time as a Wildcat. 

Well-Being Resources in Purple Prep 

For a comprehensive list of student safety and well-being resources, please visit the NUhelp website. Below are some key resources to help you navigate well-being at Northwestern

Connecting with AccessibleNU (accommodations for students with disabilities)

Caring for yourself and being connected to resources that can assist you is a first step in utilizing self-advocacy as a well-being tool. Students with disabilities are encouraged to register with AccessibleNU over the summer to ensure resources and accommodations are available as soon as fall classes begin.
Learn more about AccessibleNU.

Connecting with the Health Service and the Student Insurance Office

Several Purple Prep checklist tasks connect you with resources and structures that support personal wellness, such as through submitting your immunization form and ensuring you have comprehensive health insurance coverage.

Northwestern Medicine Student Health Services  is the on-campus resource for affordable, comprehensive health care for students actively enrolled in a degree-seeking program. Visit the health service website to learn more about its medical and nursing services, including in-house pharmacy, laboratory, and radiology services. There is no charge for office visits for students who meet the eligibility requirements. Ancillary services—including x-ray, laboratory, and pharmacy costs—will be billed directly to the student’s primary insurance. Students may use the MyNM portal to schedule appointments, view test results, and message the student health clinical team.

Learn more about the Immunization Form or Medical Insurance.

Consulting with CAPS 

Before you come to campus, it is important to consider how you will maintain your emotional and mental health in your first year as a Wildcat. Having a plan in place is highly recommended. For assistance over the summer, students and their families can set up a phone consultation with Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to learn more about the mental health resources available at Northwestern as well as in the Evanston/Chicago area.

CAPS offerings are available to enrolled students at no cost. CAPS is often a first point of contact for a student’s mental health journey and offers a variety of services including individual counseling, group counseling, consultation, psychiatric services (for students also in counseling at CAPS) and care coordination/referrals. CAPS is committed to helping students get connected to the resources that will be best suited for them. All CAPS services are confidential and do not appear on your academic record.
Learn more and contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).

Pre-True Northwestern Dialogue module: AlcoholEdu for College

This pre-TND module prompts you to examine your assumptions about alcohol and find ways to make informed decisions about alcohol's role in your college experience. 
Learn more about the True Northwestern Dialogue Series.

Well-Being Resources in Before the Arch 

Before the Arch connects you with current students who can offer insight into the social and emotional aspects of the transition to Northwestern. Even though participating in Before the Arch is optional, take the time to engage with the ideas behind it and how it relates to managing your well-being during the college transition.
Learn more about Before the Arch.

Well-Being Resources in Wildcat Welcome

Schedule structure

Wildcat Welcome is structured to support you as you navigate your transition to Northwestern. While its daily schedule is full, it is designed to provide windows of time for you to think about and practice self-care methods.
Learn more about Wildcat Welcome.

Programs and Resources

College is not designed to be done on your own. Throughout Wildcat Welcome you’ll learn about a variety of programs and resources that can help you thrive in your first year.  You'll also learn about the eight dimensions of wellness and their corresponding resources.

True Northwestern Dialogue: Well-Being

This TND guides you on how to create a plan to manage your well-being. Through your peer adviser group, you'll be able to hear from a current student about their Northwestern experience and the resources they used to take good care of themselves.
Learn more about the True Northwestern Dialogue Series.