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McCormick School of Engineering

Welcome to McCormick! Explore the academic-related information you need to know, and tasks to complete, before you arrive to campus in September.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

A preliminary evaluation of your transfer credits is available in your student portal. If you have questions about this initial evaluation, please email

As an incoming engineering transfer student, you are required to submit the syllabus and other detailed information for each of your previous engineering, science, and math courses by July 17 (or as soon as possible for those who confirm enrollment after July 17). To do this, you will use a course form available at a link in the Undergraduate Admission student portal. Please submit one form for each engineering, science, or math course. If you are taking or plan to take courses that will not end until after your course review process is under way, please submit the course forms after completion of the courses. Your technical credits will undergo a full review during the summer, and your transcript will be updated as credits are finalized. You are not required to submit course forms for non-STEM courses.  

McCormick faculty review each course form individually, and this can take time. Submitting course forms as early as possible will help ensure their review is completed in time for fall course registration in late summer.

Summer Academic Advising

Between late July and early August, the Undergraduate Engineering Office will be contacting you after your course forms are fully reviewed and your transfer credit evaluation is finalized. This advising will concern proper course placement and selection for fall quarter and take into account the results of any completed placement exams; you will also be notified of any changes to McCormick's standard degree requirements based on your previous coursework. Until that time, you can explore McCormick's website for new students for guidance on such topics as AP/IB credits and software need.

Contact us at

Fall Quarter Course Registration

Incoming transfer students register for fall quarter courses via CAESAR starting August 10. After review of your incoming transfer credit, you will receive information from Dean Holtgreive regarding how your existing credit will count toward McCormick requirements and giving you input on fall quarter courses.

CAESAR 101 for Transfers: date TBA

While your academic adviser provides guidance with course selection, CAESAR 101 provides an opportunity to learn about the mechanics of CAESAR, your student account management system, from current students as they walk through what to know when searching for classes, viewing classes, and adding/dropping classes. A link to join this Zoom session will be included in a Purple Prep email and a recording will become available on Purple Prep's Systems & Apps page after the event.


Placement Exams and Assessments

Depending on your previous coursework and your intended area of study, you may need to take summer placement exams or assessments in chemistry or math. See the placement exams webpage for more details. In addition to helping you determine if you should complete any chemistry or math assessments or exams, this page also includes information about language placement and other exams that may be relevant to your interests and course objectives. You can find details on course requirements for your degree program in the McCormick section of the current Undergraduate Catalog.