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Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

Everyone's journey has twists and turns. Asking for help along the way is a sign of strength. When you encounter struggles, know that we are here for you. NUhelp is your guide to navigating Northwestern's safety and wellness resources, whenever you may need them.

Exam Relief

Resources to help you get through the week

student getting cookies at Norris

Exam Relief at Norris

  • Take a break from exams and meet us at Norris University Center. Stop by the ground floor for free hot chocolate and cookies on Monday, March 13 at 2:00 PM.
  • On Tuesday, March 14 stop the Source on the 4th floor for the Final Bite breakfast with SOA from 9 AM - 12 PM. Enjoy a game of BINGO later in the day at 4:00 PM on the ground floor.
  • Norris and Ground Floor Dining Options Hours 
Rise App Graphic

Wellness Resources

Rise App – RISE makes it easy to improve your sleep and daily energy to reach your potential. Track your sleep debt and better predict your daily energy schedule for optimal performance. Northwestern students can download the RISE app and get 4 years FREE.

BREATHE – Breathe is a stress management resource, created purposely for Northwestern Undergraduate students, as well as Graduate & Professional students.  Here are some resources specifically designed for Test Anxiety.

Safety & Well-being

students doing yoga

Health and Well-being

Well-being is an ongoing process and a life-long journey, not a one-time event. Northwestern encourages and supports our students in taking action on all eight interconnected dimensions of wellness in order to build everyday habits, which improve quality of life. It may also help individuals live longer, manage current health conditions, and support recovery from illness, injury, and addiction.

Health & Well-Being Resources