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Student Immunization Requirements

Northwestern students are required to show proof of immunizations and complete the Student Immunization Form for Non-Healthcare Students. The completed immunization form must be uploaded by July 1.

Immunization Form

Go to the New Students page of the Health Information Management (HIMS) website to find information and the link to the immunization form; uploading instructions appear on page 1 of the form.

Once the Health Information Management Service processes your form, an email will be sent to your Northwestern account to confirm receipt and to alert you to any missing information or unmet requirements. This email is required to be presented at the Student Health Service to receive any missing immunizations or tests.

All student immunization requirements must be met no later than 30 days after classes begin. Students with unmet requirements will be unable to register for, drop, or add courses in subsequent academic quarters and will be assessed a nonrefundable $100 late fee. Please make copies of your completed records and bring them to campus for your reference.

Note that student immunization requirements are distinct from medical insurance requirements. See the Student Medical Insurance page for information about insurance.

What's my Student ID?

The immunization form asks for your Student ID (7 digits), which is different from your NetID (3 letters + 4 digits). If you don't know your Student ID, you can find it on your Profile tile in CAESAR.  

A note for deferred students who submitted the form in a previous year

  1. Submit if any updated TB self-screenings (pg. 3 of the Student Immunization Form).
  2. Submit if any updated immunizations (no need to resubmit pages 1, 2, and 4, Student Immunization Form).
  3. Review any correspondence previously received from Health Information Management Services (HIMS) for instructions on rectifying any immunization deficiencies by the deadline of 30 days after the start of classes.

Optional Mental Health Disclosure Form

In accordance with the Illinois Student Optional Disclosure of Private Mental Health Act, you have the option to identify a designated person (such as a parent or guardian) who would be notified in the event that a qualified mental healthcare provider employed by Northwestern determines that you might pose a clear danger to yourself or others. View the form authorizing disclosure of private mental health information. Please mail the completed form to the Office of the Registrar at the address shown on the form; do not submit it to the Health Service.

Optional Northwestern Medicine Student Health Services Tasks

Northwestern Medicine offers MyNM, a secure, confidential way to manage your health care, allowing you to access your medical records, communicate with your care team, schedule an appointment, request prescription refills, pay your bill, and more.