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Peer Adviser FAQs

I am a current first year and have just arrived to campus for the first time, or have still never set foot on campus as a student. Should I apply for the PA role?

This year has been wild. Yes, you should still consider applying. At its core, being a PA is not reliant on knowing the location of a building or how many steps there are from Norris to Tech; these are things that can be learned in training. Rather, at its core, being a PA means you have a strong desire to mentor a new group of students, to help them understand their transition and provide genuine support to them. Yes, some of the circumstances in a new student's transition in fall 2021 might look a little different from your own...but the same applied for your own PA you had. PAs know how to adapt and keep at the forefront what is most important: providing care and support for each of their new students. :)

What does it mean if I am, or plan to be, away from campus during any term during 2021? Can I still apply to be a PA?

Winter 2021: All components of the application and interview process are virtual. Being away from campus does not impact an applicant's selection.

Spring 2021: All training during the spring quarter will be virtual, with optional in-person supplementary programming as people are able and feel safe doing so in smaller groups. Being away from campus does not impact your ability to fulfill the PA role.

Summer 2021: Any responsibility during the summer is virtual.

Fall 2021: As of January 2021, it is planned for Wildcat Welcome 2021 to be largely an in-person program. As such, Peer Advisers would be required to be on-campus during the dates listed on the Important Dates page. If you are planning to study abroad or participate in a program away from campus for fall 2021, you should not apply as you would not be able to fulfill the the current requirements of the role. As the fall 2021 draws closer, if health and safety guidelines cause an alteration in the format of Wildcat Welcome, the requirements for the PA role will be adjusted accordingly.


How do I upload an unlisted YouTube video?

  1. Sign into your YouTube Account.
  2. Select the icon in the upper right hand side of the webpage that will allow you to upload a video.
  3. Select unlisted from the drop down menu before uploading video. 
  4. Select file to upload. The upload will begin automatically. Uploading may take a couple of minutes. 
  5. Select publish.
  6. Copy and Paste URL in PA Application

I've reviewed the important dates and see I have a conflict. Should I still apply?

All training dates listed are required. Theses trainings are vital because they serve as building blocks to the PA position. In addition, much of learning occurs through conversation and activities with other PAs. If you are aware of any conflicts please contact NSE at to determine if this will inhibit you from applying. 


I have a violation; What does this mean for my application?

Our application asks that if you have a violation that you disclose that situation.

If you are concerned about whether your violation will affect your standing, please contact New Student Experience at before submitting your Peer Adviser application.


I will be inter-school transferring during the application and interview process. What does this mean for me?

When determining selection we will consider the school that you are in as of January 31, 2021. In some situations we may contact an applicant who is an inter-school transfer to clarify their situation. If you have more specific questions regarding this topic please contact NSE at