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Purple Prep

The Purple Prep Suite launches the first week of May 2022 for the Class of 2026. An email announcement will be sent to students' Northwestern email address announcing Purple Prep availability.


To help you stay organized and on track, we have 3 different ways to keep up with your summer tasks.
  1. Purple Prep website: Find everything you need to know
    The Purple Prep website includes details about each of your summer tasks, including everything from setting up your student account to how to get started with academics. Review each section carefully, and share the parent and family information with your family members.
  2. Personalized checklist: Keep track of requirements  
    The Purple Prep website includes a link to your personalized task list. The first time you log in, you’ll answer a few questions that will help you to build your task list, including the ability to opt into text messages to remind you every Sunday of any unchecked items due that week. Bookmark the website to your phone’s home screen for quick access, and watch your activity wheel progress throughout the summer.
  3. Purple Prep emails: Get monthly updates and reminders
    Your checklist and the website have all the information you need this summer, but we know you’ll want to double-check that you’re staying on track. The first Tuesday of every month, we’ll send you an email outlining what’s due that month, important updates or changes, and added information based on questions you and your future classmates asked during the previous month.