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PA Important Dates

Peer Adviser Application

The Peer Adviser Application will be open from January 8-January 22, 2024.

Peer Advisers will be expected to attend all spring and fall training. Please carefully review the list of commitments below before deciding to apply. 

Peer Adviser Spring Retreat

Peer Advisers will attend the PA Spring Retreat all day on Saturday, March 30. This retreat includes real-time programming, and provides an opportunity for PAs to come together to begin meeting others like those in their Board Group (a smaller group of 20 PAs they'll be with throughout the year). The time will also be used to set some foundation for the PA role.

Peer Adviser Training & Leadership Course

PAs will be assigned to one section of the Peer Adviser Leadership and Training Course held every week during the spring quarter. Each section is led by a Board member and includes approximately 20 PAs. Timing is based on PAs’ academic schedules.

Spring All-Staff

Peer Advisers will attend PA All-Staff on Thursday, May 30 from 5-8pm. The All-Staff Session provides an opportunity for the PA community to come back together to close out spring quarter and learn logistic information needed to head into the summer before receiving their PA Group assignment!

Summer Responsibilities

The primary focus for Peer Advisers during the summer is receiving their PA Group roster and organizing communication with their new students. Because of this, timeliness in response to both OSTE staff and new students is important as we help to support new students in their transition to Northwestern!

PAs could have up to two virtual PA Group meetings they would be responsible for scheduling between the months of July and August. 

Peer Advisers should plan to have internet connectivity in July and August to begin communication with your PA Group. Not having internet connectivity does not automatically disqualify you; those selected to be a Peer Adviser will be able to let our office know after selection. 

PA Camp

Fall PA Camp dates are tentatively scheduled for Thursday, September 12-Monday, September 16.

PAs will move in early in the daytime on September 12 with PA Camp starting in the late afternoon. Each day of PA Camp consists of programming throughout the day with wellness breaks woven throughout.  PAs should not plan other programming during this time.

* If you are a member of a fraternity/sorority planning to live in the house, it is your responsibility to secure early move-in approval from your house as soon as possible.  If you are not able to move in early, it is your responsibility to find alternate early move-in housing. OSTE will not be able to provide early housing for any PA not living in a residence hall or residential college.

Wildcat Welcome

Wildcat Welcome 2024 is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, September 17-Monday, September 23. PAs are expected to participate fully in Wildcat Welcome throughout each day, and should not plan to participate in student organization activities.