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What is a Peer Adviser?

2024 Peer Adviser applications are now closed.

Peer Advisers (PAs) work with Office of Student Transition Experiences (OSTE) to welcome incoming undergraduate students to Northwestern. Please note that the Peer Adviser position is a volunteer role

Peer Advisers’ responsibilities include: 

  • Mentor a group of incoming undergraduate students 
  • Facilitating dialogues about well being, diversity, inclusion, community, violence prevention, and navigating academics
  • Share resources and support for new students that will aid in their transition to campus 
  • Assisting new students with course selections/registration 
  • Introducing new students to Northwestern traditions 
  • Connecting a group of new students to each other and the Northwestern community 
  • Support OSTE programming during Wildcat Welcome 
  • Attend required trainings during the Spring and Summer Quarters*

Peer Advisers represent the diverse Northwestern community. We are looking for first, second, and third year students with varying levels of NU involvement, and a wide range of personalities and backgrounds. 

* Please make sure you read the Important Dates for PA Applicants  to fully ensure you understand the requirements and training dates prior to applying.  

Characteristics Found in Successful Peer Advisers 
  • Open-mindedness to learn more about your personal and social identities to facilitate conversations for new students 
  • Willingness to develop effective facilitation skills throughout Peer Adviser trainings
  • Open-mindedness towards a wide variety of cultures, lifestyles, backgrounds, and demographics
  • Desire to serve as a role model and mentor for new students 
  • Capacity to build and maintain effective relationships with students, staff, and faculty 
  • Passion for Wildcat Welcome, Northwestern University, and new student needs 
  • Desire to create an inclusive campus environment 
  • Understanding of advocacy for self and others 
  • Reliability to attend required trainings and deliver accurate information 
  • Willingness to maintain a high level of communication with peers, professional staff, and faculty