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How to use smaller scale wordmarks

We have created versions of our wordmark specifically for use at small sizes. Always use the small-scale wordmarks for digital applications; they can be used in print as well.

It’s okay to use both versions in the same piece of communication. Just remember to follow the size guidelines listed here.

What's different at this size?

The t and y in University have been joined. The letter spacing of the entire wordmark has also been adjusted for better readability.

See the sizes.

Note the maximum and minimum sizes are different for wordmarks and formal lockups.

Note: Formal lockups should rarely appear at these small sizes.

Because of the delicate detail in our seal, as well as its more formal application, use our formal lockups at these small sizes only when absolutely necessary.

Sizes for the Standard Wordmark

There is no maximum size for our standard-format wordmarks and lockups.

Jumbo size