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Northwestern University

Visual Identity

The Northwestern look and feel.

The visual aspects of our brand include the colors, fonts and graphic elements we use.

Together, they tell the our brand story and express our personality. The pages in this section provide guidelines for each. 

Wondering how to combine these visual elements of our brand in a successful way? View our resources for downloadable assets and additional design guidance.


By leading with purple, we create a striking and noticeable visual style that sets us apart from our competitors. Its repeated and predominant use helps make Northwestern communications instantly recognizable.

Fonts & Typography

Campton and Akkurat Pro are our sans-serif fonts. Periodico Display and Text is our serif font. In instances when brand fonts cannot be used, please use one of our substitute fonts.

Photo of 4 brand fonts

Access the print or web version of these fonts

Graphic Elements

The Northwestern brand has a number of graphic tools that create a unique look and make us instantly recognizable. When they're used consistently, these elements create continuity among families of materials.

Photography and Videography

Guidelines for maintaining the Northwestern brand through these two mediums.

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