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Fitness Formula Clubs (FFC) Transition FAQs

L.A. Fitness will close its Streeterville location effective June 1, 2017. Members will have the option to transition to any Fitness Formula Club (FFC). Learn more about FFC's club locations, facilities, services, and free parking here:

Note: Our memberships are annual and payment is due accordingly when transferring your fitness club membership from L.A. Fitness to Fitness Formula. Once we receive your request, we will calculate your credit for the unused months of your current L.A. Fitness membership, which will be applied toward your FFC membership, and we will request additional fees to complete 12 months of membership from your new start date.

If you do not wish to pay the additional fees required, we can transfer your membership to FFC for the duration of your current L.A. Fitness membership and it will expire afterward. Once your current membership expires, you can reapply for new membership at FFC after one month and send your payment in full with your request.

Answers to frequently asked questions about the transition can be found below:

How do I transfer my membership?

Simply complete the following forms and send via email to Salem Marrougi ( no later than April 22nd for a May 1st start date, or May 22nd for a June 1st start date:

I am an employee or employee spouse transferring my membership. How do I pay for the additional cost of FFC?

Employees and employee spouses using payroll deduction will have their deduction adjusted to reflect the $55 monthly rate. Those who paid by check will receive an invoice for the additional amount due. For questions, please contact Salem Marrougi in the Chicago Recreation Office at or 847-467-0662.

Are employees receiving a subsidized membership?

The rate Northwestern negotiated with FFC is dependent on the number of members who join.  Initially, the University expects to pay $75 per month resulting in a $20 per month subsidy per employee or employee spouse member. IRS guidelines require the University to report the value of this subsidy to you as a taxable fringe benefit. The University will make you whole for the additional tax due. You will see this on your year-end pay stub and W2.

The Streeterville L.A. Fitness location is closing on May 31. When should I transfer my membership?

For full- and part-time students, McGaw residents and spouses, we recommend transferring to FFC effective May 1st to ensure a seamless transition. This will require you to complete your paperwork no later than April 22nd.

For employees and spouses, we recommend transferring when your current membership ends or effective June 1st, after the Streeterville L.A. Fitness closes. This will require you to complete your paperwork no later than May 22nd.

If I would like to cancel my membership at L.A. Fitness, and not transfer my membership to FFC, how do I request a refund?

Please send an email to Salem Marrougi at no later than April 22nd to cancel effective May 1st, or no later than May 22nd to cancel effective June 1st. We will issue a refund for the amount for any remaining months on your paid membership.

What happens if I do nothing?

Your membership will remain with L.A. Fitness through the duration of your current membership, and you will be able to continue to work out at L.A. Fitness locations other than the closed Streeterville facility. Please note that our partnership with L.A. Fitness will conclude on April 30th, 2018.

I already have a FFC membership and would like to transfer my membership to the one administered through the Chicago Fitness Program.

You will need to see the GM or membership director of your local FFC to "rejoin" under the new membership type. This must happen by the 22nd of the current month for the conversion to be effective for the upcoming month.