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Thinking of Drinking?

If You Choose To Drink...

Set an example!

The key to optimizing the effects of alcohol (and reducing the chance of something unwanted happening) is to reach the 'social zone' slowly and then stay there. That's the green zone on the card to the right. Keeping your BAC below a .06 is another way to think of the social zone.

Here are some ways for you and your friends to stay in the social zone:

* The terms “Male” and “Female” are used due to the way alcohol affects the sexes differently on a biological basis. Research is too limited to provide specific guidance for transgender and intersex individuals.  

If You Choose Not to Drink...

You're not alone!

Choosing not to drink is always an option. In fact, TWENTY PERCENT of all NU undergraduates choose not to drink in a typical week (2017 NCHA). And 1 in 3 First-Year students choose not to drink. (AlcoholEdu for College, 2017)

Choosing not to drink might be best if you: