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Amnesty Through Responsible Action


Amnesty = Community of Care

Students who assist others in an emergency and those in need of assistance generally face no disciplinary action for their own infractions - even if alcohol or other drugs are involved.
The purpose of Amnesty through Responsible Action is to encourage you to seek appropriate help in emergency situations, particularly those involving alcohol or other drugs.
Deciding whether to call 911 is not always easy. Even if you're not sure, we urge you to err on the side of caution and make the call.

To be eligible for Amnesty you must:

  1. CALL for help:  In medical emergencies, immediate action should be taken by calling 911 from either on or off-campus.  You may also activate a University Blue Light emergency phone anywhere on campus.  In non-emergency situations, help can also be sought by contacting NUPD (847-491-3456) or, for students in residence halls, your Resident Assistant on-duty (phone number varies by building) or the Community Service Officer (CSO) in your building. 
  2. STAY with the person until help arrives and you have been told your assistance is no longer needed. 
  3. COOPERATE with responding staff or emergency personnel, including all requests for information and assistance.

Looking for more?

For detailed information visit the Amnesty through Responsible Action webpage

For questions and clarification on Amnesty, contact the Office of Community Standards
To view the full-size Amnesty posters, click the thumbnails on the right.