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Service Updates and Announcements

Shuttle Service Updates

Sheridan Rd Reconstruction Project - updated July 20

The City of Evanston is reconstructing Sheridan Rd between Chicago Ave and Lincoln St. The full project is scheduled to last through mid-October. During this work several shuttle stops along Sheridan Rd have been temporarily relocated to the pedestrian crossings. There will be visible signage to help identify the location of the temporary stops. Please review the details below regarding impacts to each stop.

We thank you for your patience during this construction project. We will be working closely with the City during the project to minimize impacts as much as possible. Please understand that unforeseen impacts may occur without notice. We advise everyone to plan extra travel time during the project and to track the buses' location using DoubleMap. DoubleMap is real-time GPS tracking of all of the buses and can be viewed online at and on smartphone apps (search DoubleMap in the app store; in the app choose Northwestern University as the transit agency).

Summer Shuttle Operations

Please note the following changes to University shuttle service for summer.

Sherman/Emerson stop moved

Due to Willard Residential College construction the Sherman/Emerson stop has been moved one block south to the southeast corner of Sherman Ave and University Pl.

Weber Arch Stop Reminder

Facilities Management is currently working on replacement of steam piping to 1902 Sheridan Road. Due to pedestrian rerouting for this project, riders utilizing the Weber Arch stop are reminded to be safe pedestrians and utilize the marked crosswalk at Sheridan and Chicago.

Important Notice Regarding Ryan Field Shuttle Stop and Charter Buses

As Northwestern University continues our efforts to strengthen relationships with the City of Evanston, Transportation Services is taking steps to curb both air and noise pollution thereby reducing the number of disturbances to our neighbors in the community surrounding Ryan Field. To help further these efforts, please be advised of the following:

Boarding Shuttles at Ryan Field

When boarding shuttles at Ryan Field, it is essential that all riders are waiting at the bus shelter at the scheduled departure time. The shuttle will "load and go" as it does at all other stops on the route. This means it will pull into the lot at the scheduled departure time, load passengers standing at the stop, and immediately leave; it will no longer arrive at the stop early in order to wait for riders to exit their vehicle, gather their belongings, and walk to the shuttle stop to board. This will reduce the time shuttles are in the parking lot thus lessening the impact to our neighbors.

Charter Buses

Transportation Services encourages the Northwestern University community to work with us when chartering a bus for an event. There are numerous advantages to working with us, including discounted rates, ease of payment, and quality assurance. However, if you choose to charter a bus independently or have a group coming to campus, it is required that you communicate to that company or group two important rules:

  1. No buses may idle in the Ryan Field lots. Parking in the lots with their engine off is acceptable, but if needed in that area for pick-up, buses must instead stage on Ashland Avenue between Central Street and Isabella Street.  
  2. Drivers must abide by the City of Evanston Anti-Idling Ordinance. Buses may not idle for more than 5 minutes in any 60-minute period. Violators may be subject to fines.

Parking Announcements

Summer Parking

Summer permits will go on sale June 1.  Permits are available for the monthly ($45.25) rate, and are valid from the date of purchase.  Current Wildcard or proof of summer program is required.  Summer parkers are reminded that storage of vehicles beyond 48 hours is prohibited in campus lots.  Ryan Field "D" permits will be valid in main campus Commuter (green) lots and garages beginning June 12, through the start of fall quarter.

Parking Reminder

Storage of vehicles for periods longer than 48 consecutive hours is prohibited in all main campus lots.

Lot Closings

The Noyes-Haven-Sheridan lot (# 132) will close June 26--July 7 (north side) and July 10--July 21 (south side); the 1922 Sheridan lot (# 237), the Blomquist Gym lot (# 129) and the Library Place lot (# 130) will close July 24--August 11 for construction related to the Sheridan Road lighting project.  The two east rows of the Cook Hall lot (# 122) will close on June 26 --August 8 for a Facilities Management sewer project.  LARC Drive and the Crown Sports east lot (#108) will be closed long term to accommodate the construction of the new Ryan Fieldhouse and Walter Athletics Center.

Parking Lot Gates and Pay Stations

Parking controls (gates, card readers and pay stations) in the North and South Parking Garages are now operating.  Current permit holders will gain access to the garages by swiping their Wildcard at the entrance gates.  Daily parking for those without current permits is available for an $8.00 fee.  Daily parking may be paid for at pay stations located in each elevator lobby.  Further detailed information is available on this web site under the Policies & Information tab above.

Enterprise Ride Share

Enterprise Ride Share has closed operations in the Chicago area.  Enterprise Ride Share vehicles will no longer be available on the Evanston campus.  Please note that Zipcar is still operating on campus, with vehicles available at 619 Clark (lot # 227), The Northwestern Place lot (# 118), and the Patten Gym lot (# 109).

Contractor Parking

Construction contractors are prohibited from parking in all main campus lots and garages.  Contractor Lot permits will be valid only in the Ryan Field West and East  parking lots (# 101/ 102).  A free contractor shuttle is provided.

Resident Student Parking in North Garage

Resident Student permits ("R", "R9") will continue to have access to the North Garage as construction activities continue in the vicinity of the Reservoir lot (# 104).

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