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Service Updates and Announcements

Shuttle Service Announcements:

Evanston Parking Announcements:

  • Ryan Field Permits: The final day to purchase a Ryan Field permit is Friday, March 30.
  • North Garage:  While North Parking Garage has experienced some capacity issues since the beginning of winter quarter, there are generally available parking spaces in the South Garage and Engelhart Hall lot throughout the day.
  • Parking reminder: Storage of vehicles on the main campus is prohibited for periods of longer than 48 hours.  Vehicles may not be stored in the Ryan Field lot for more than 5 consecutive days.
  • Lot closings: LARC Drive and Crown Sports east lot (# 108) are currently closed for an extended period.  The Reservoir lot (# 104)  will close for the winter months beginning December 4.
  • Parking lot gates and pay stations: Parking controls (gates, card readers and pay stations) in the North and South Parking Garages are now operating.
  • Student parking permit returns: The final cutoff date for student permit returns is April 9, 2018.  No student permit returns will be accepted after that date.
  • Contractor parking: Construction contractors are prohibited from parking in the North Garage (# 105), South Garage (# 211) and South Beach two level structure (# 214, 215).
  • Resident permit parking in North Garage Resident student permits ("R", "R9") will have temporary access to the North Garage due to the closure of the Reservoir lot (# 104).