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Northwestern University

Evanston Campus Vendor Delivery Instructions

Each department generally handles its own receiving.  Very few buildings have actual loading docks, and some departments are located in converted houses, so it is important to know the situation at the address you are delivering to.  Many locations require special equipment/trucks depending on the items being delivered.  You are urged to contact the person ordering the goods to learn their delivery situation.

Procurement and Payment Services, Logistics manages receiving for the following:

The Technological Institute Dock also services the following buildings:

Dock personnel contact information:

Hours of Operation:

Mail Services:

Evanston Truck Size:

Oversized Freight:

For oversized items and equipment please contact shipping and receiving to schedule your delivery a minimum of two days in advance – this is to assure that the appropriate arrangements and accommodations are made to successfully handle your freight delivery. It is likely that we will be unable to receive large freight items if they arrive unscheduled. 

Large freight items:

Please contact the shipping and receiving dock at 847-467-7473 or email if you have with questions or need assistance.  

Delivery Driver Truck Routes:

Anti-Idling Ordinance for Vendor Deliveries in Evanston:

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