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The following free goods are available.


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Desk - -

Medium sized desk

Yasmeen Khan -

Posted on 7/17/17

Round Table - Free

Large round table

Gabriella Robertson -

Posted on 5/18/17

2 Drawer File Cabinet/Overhead - Free

2 drawer vertical file cabinet with overhead cabinet

Elizabeth Pugh -

Posted on 4/4/17

File Cabinet with Overhead Bins - Free

Very good condition file cabinet with overhead bins and tack boards.

Measures approx. 84” long, 19 1/2” deep, approx. 42” high to the file cabinet height and has an overall height of approx. 78”, including wall mounting bracket/support.

New owner is responsible for any costs of removal and moving of the item.

Patty Sekirka -
Materials Research Center

Posted on 3/23/17

Medical/Lab Equipment

Beakers, ect - Anna Eiskamp

Lots of leftover glassware from a lab that has moved. Available through Friday (6/16) afternoon.

Anna Eiskamp -

Posted on 6/15/17

Floor centrifuge Juan - Free

Working high speed refrigerated floor centrifuge, with 2 fixed angle rotors for 50, 15 and 250 ml tubes. 66000g and 30000g. Please contact for more details.

Alexandra -
Simpson Querrey Institute for BioNanotechnology

Posted on 3/9/17


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Paper & Office Products

Bunch of Misc office supplies - Free

Free to a good home:

Jaime -
Kellogg Information Systems

Posted on 7/26/17

2 Purple 3-Ring Binders 1" - Free

NEW: 12 Purple 3-Ring Binders 1"

Jaime -
Kellogg Information Systems

Posted on 7/26/17

Printers & Scanners

No listings

Projectors & AV Equipment

Various Dated Production Audio and Video Equipment - Free

The Bienen Concert Management Office is in the process of clearing out old audio and video equipment. Equipment includes DV tape cameras, Studio Video Switching Equipment, old format audio devices (reel to reels, DAT recorders, etc.), analog audio mixers, hard shell mobile racks, CD recorders, system EQ units, and passive stage monitors. Please note that most of this equipment are components to larger A/V systems, and will likely not be useful to those departments who do not have A/V systems already. Items have not been tested and are being given as is.

These items are only being made available for departmental use at this time. Please reach out to Technical Services Coordinator Ford Altenbern ( for a full list of items and model numbers.

Ford Altenbern -
Concert Management Office

Posted on 7/20/17

Toner/Ink Cartridges

Supplies for Lexmark C540 Desktop Laser Printer - Free

The following Lexmark C540 printer supplies are free to a good home:

Barbara Jaron -
FSM Cell and Moleculat Biology

Posted on 7/24/17

Individual ink for smaller printers - Free

We have the following individual ink for smaller printers: 

Kathleen Dill -
Department of Medicine

Posted on 5/8/17

Unused Cartridges - Free

We have the following unused cartridges: 

Kathleen Dill -
Department of Medicine

Posted on 5/8/17

HP 4500 Transfer Kit - Free

*NEW HP Color Laser Jet Transfer Kit - C4196A  (for 4500/4550 printers)

Tom Bateman -

Posted on 4/27/17

HP LaserJet 27X - Free

Works in HP Laser Jet Series 4000, 4050.

 Black High Volume Cartridges (C4127X)

There are 2 Original HP Cartridges and 1 Compatible Brand.

Johanna Fisher -
Office Research Safety

Posted on 3/28/17

HP Color Laser Jet - Free

HP Laser Jet Series 4600, 4650: Yellow Cartridge (C9722A)

HP Laser Jet Series 3600, 3800 Black Cartridge (CP3505)

Johanna Fisher -
Office Research Safety

Posted on 3/28/17

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