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Northwestern University

Getting a Card

To obtain a card, simply fill out the Northwestern Corporate Card Application and Agreement Form and submit, it will then route to the Corporate Card office, part of Procurement and Payment Services. Prior to submitting your application, please ensure you route it to the appropriate approving office for your department or school:

Prospective cardholders must also meet the following eligibility requirements:

When requesting a card, one of the following transaction limit and monthly credit limit options need to be selected:

Per Transaction Limit Monthly Limit
$500 $1,000
$2,500 $5,000
$4,999 $10,000

Departments and schools can request alternative transaction limits if they have any special purchasing circumstances.


Approved cardholders are invited to attend a training session led by the Corporate Card office to learn more about the various features, policies, and procedures associated with the card. Cards are either distributed at the end of the session or available to pick up on a later date at the following locations:

Please note that a photo identification is required (University Wildcard or driver's license), and cards are only provided to the cardholder.

All cardholders should review the Cardholder Guide,as they are responsible for understanding and adhering to all enclosed policies and procedures. Cardholders should also review the Travel and Entertainment Policy and the Purchasing and Payment Policy.

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