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A Note About COVID-19

Supporting those in need, even while many are away from campus

In times like this, the Women's Center keeps our mission to advance gender equity and to support women, trans, and non-binary people at Northwestern at heart, even as we adjust and reimagine the work ahead. We are here but we also understand that the COVID-19 pandemic will likely magnify and exacerbate structural inequities and will affect marginalized communities differently.

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Get private support and referrals from the Women's Center.

The Women’s Center has supported women and other marginalized people at Northwestern for over 30 years. We continue to offer private support, services, referrals, and resources.


As mandated reporters and responsible University employees we are obligated to promptly report sexual misconduct, discrimination, harassment, and stalking if we become aware of it in the scope of our work for the University to the Office of Equity. 

That does not mean you cannot talk to us. Reporting to the Office of Equity will prompt them to contact you and ask you how you would like to proceed; in most cases it does not trigger an investigation except at your discretion and it serves our broader community to keep track of patterns of misconduct even if you pursue no formal or informal resolution. 

We can refer you to a campus partner of practical emotional support if you wish to connect with a confidential resource.

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Campus and Community Resources

Shop with Intention

Support businesses owned by women and gender-expansive people by using our list of guides. The guides feature dozens of businesses in Chicagoland.