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About Us


The Women's Center is committed to advancing women, gender equity and inclusion through engaging the Northwestern University community.  As catalysts for change, we foster the development of individual and collective strengths to cultivate socially responsible students, staff and faculty.   


In support of this mission, the Women’s Center is committed to the following overarching goals:

  1. To advance social justice through raising awareness, increasing knowledge, and building capacity.

  2. To build alliances, promote collaboration, and foster a shared commitment to effectively serve and support women, trans and non-binary people at Northwestern.
  3. To engage our community through educational programming, support services, and advocacy around issues impacting women and other marginalized groups
  4. To educate the Northwestern community on contemporary and historical feminist and gender issues.
  5. To serve as a feminist space that cultivates and activates skills which foster personal and institutional change and advance equity and inclusion.

Women’s Center staff members are proud that our revised mission statement is in harmony with the heart and soul of Northwestern University’s We Will Strategic Initiative, which aims to Connect Our Communities Through the Richness of Diversity. It states:

 “We are unwavering in our resolve that diversity at Northwestern means far more than disparate groups sharing common space.  We celebrate and support a new and fully inclusive mainstream and believe that our diversity – in the fullest meaning of that word – enriches all areas of the community.  Our vibrancy and vitality derive directly from the breadth and talent, training, and life experience found among our staff, faculty, students, and alumni.”

Furthermore, we believe that the Women’s Center has a unique opportunity to Integrate Learning and Experience as we serve students, staff and faculty and foster an awareness and appreciation of the intersections of identity that are part and parcel of our complex global existence. 

We are a hub of knowledge and expertise around gender equity.  We strive to continue to be the site where individuals, units and departments consult around issues of gender equity, and present programming that identifies, frames, and addresses the myriad of social issues to build capacity within the campus community to advance gender equity and social justice.

We strive to foster an environment in which gender identities and expressions are embraced not relegated as insignificant and dismissed nor given undue social advantage and power. 

We believe that centering the experiences of women, particularly underrepresented women, and other marginalized people in the university’s work will improve the Northwestern University environment for everyone. We work to collaborate and build coalitions with those who are champions of gender equity to help us transform our community.

We are focused on building students’ capacity as feminist and social justice change agents by deepening our student engagement. 

We provide Third Spaces and have a wealth of resources and offer a welcoming, safe and affirming environment to the Northwestern University community.

Diversity and Inclusion 

The Women's Center reports to the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion which is situated in the Office of the Provost