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Our Advisory Board

The Women's Center work extends across the university. The center's work is supported by an engaged advisory board consisting of administrators, faculty, staff, and students who are committed to supporting the mission of the women's center. 

Advisory Board Members

  • Carrie C Wachter
  • Kate Harrington-Rosen 
  • Ishrat Fatima
  • Omari Walter Keeles
  • Lesley E. Lundeen
  • Rhea C Banks
  • Veronica Y Womack
  • Babette Seligmann Sanders 
  • Charla Burlenda Wilson
  • Fabiola Andrea Arnez Orellana
  • Inger Burnett-Zeigler 
  • Constance Faith Wright
  • Deborah Tuerkheimer
  • Nancy L Ruggeri
  • Drew Clower 
  • Kanika P. Wadhwa
  • Kate Masur
  • Jane Kimondo,
  • Vincent Maurice McCoy
  • Kai Kuo,
  • Nick Davis
  • Ava Thompson Greenwell
  • Lauren Claire Herold
  • Daviree Laurel Velazquez Phillip
  • Jasmine Violet Stephens
  • Rachel M D'Amato
  • Tanikka Mitchell
  • Tiffany McDowell, Evanston YWCA
  • Jersey Shabaz


Student Advisory Board 

A small selection of students serve on the Women's Center Advisory Board alongside faculty and staff. in addition, we are now launching a student advisory board comprised of five graduate and five undergraduate students to better assess their particualr needs at every stage and to create space for conversation and community among those advancing feminist change on campus.  

Apply to be in on the 2020-2021 Advisory board cohort!