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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from coaching?

To define a goal and with the help of the coach construct a pathway that leads you to your desired outcome. Even though you might not have gotten to the outcome by the end of the 5 fifty-minute sessions, you will have started the process, which in coaching is one of the key steps.


Is the coaching in person or via zoom?

The mode of coaching will depend on the individual’s choice. If it is in person, a mask will be required.


What happens to my information?

A. the information you have provided on your application form allows us to track and report the reach of our program. This information will be made public only in the aggregate and without naming the coaching participants (ie. "30% of coaching participants identify as LGBQTIA+")

B. The information on your application form, the notes that your coach takes during session, and the content of your conversation are Private (will not be needlessly shared) but not legally Confidential. 

All Women's Center staff are mandatory reporters within the institution. Any disclosure of instances of sexual misconduct, stalking, threats of harm to self or others, child abuse, or discrimination based on any protected categories including race, gender, sexuality, religious affiliation, or ability will be promptly reported to the Office of Equity. Participants should strive to understand that process and their rights within it before proceeding. 


How often/ How much Coaching can I receive?

Coaching participants meet with their coach every other week for fifty minutes per session for a maximum of five sessions. 


Can you help me to understand the application form?

Yes! we ask you for demographic information to hold ourselves accountable for outreach and equitable distribution of resources. We have left the questions open ended rather than check box so that you might use the language that best describes you. Below we offer a basic definition of the information each question seeks to know. Applicants will not be penalized for electing to leave any of these questions blank. 

Role in University: Write in all that apply. For example, student, staff, faculty, postdoc . . .

Racial Identity: The race(s) with which you most identify, For example, Black, White, Latinx, Mixed Heritage (specify if you like), Indigenous. . . 

Gender Identity: There are many genders, as differentiated from sex. for example, Non-binary, Agender, Gender fluid, Trans Woman, Trans man, Cis Woman, Cis Man (or simply woman or man for any of the previous four). it is left black so that you can use the term that works for you. 

Sexuality: This question seeks to keno if you identify as LGTBQIA+. You may respond with whatever level of specificity is comfortable for you. For example: asexual, lesbian, queer, gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual. . . 

Pronouns: please give the pronouns you wish your coach to use. For example, no pronouns, just my name; he/they; she/her; ze/zim


What if I am not available for any of the times listed?

Please fill out the application anyway. If our coach has any flexibility she will reach out to discuss alternatives?


Can I switch between hybrid and in person?

Yes, but you need to provide at least 24 hours of notice. 


Can I reschedule my coaching session for another time in the week?

No. If you need to miss, you miss, but you can continue on in future weeks toward your full five sessions.