Mindfulness @ Northwestern

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The first step of a pathway into mindfulness is experiencing it for yourself. 

Try this 3 Minute Breathing Space now. 

After you finish listening, ask yourself:

  • What did I notice?
  • How is this different from how I normally pay attention?
  • What am I experiencing in my body, thoughts, feelings right now?

Mindfulness is the experience of developing particular awareness to the present moment without judgement.  The practice of mindfulness includes drawing attention to the breath, the entire body, physical sensations, thoughts, and sounds.  Exploring mindfulness comes in many ways and forms but is often associated with meditation, walking, and yoga or body movement. 

Mindfulness has a place in nearly all faith and spiritual traditions but it not specifically tied to one religion nor is a religious practice in of itself.  Mindfulness cultivates a path into developing awareness and response to the everyday stress of life.  For thousands of years, students of mindfulness have understood the benefits and agency of these practices and now the latest neurological science also lends an empirical understanding as well.

The varied practices of mindfulness are as broad as they are deep.  The invitation from Religious & Spiritual Life is to explore and be supported in this gift through the understanding of spirituality as a component of the Eight Dimension of Wellness

Where do I start?

MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) | Sponsored by Spiritual Life
The complete and foundational 8 week curriculum designed to guide participants into an ongoing practice of mindfulness through various modalities of meditation practice

Weekly Drop-In Meditation | Various locations and times
Start a new meditation practice and be supported in a group setting.

Introduction to Mindfulness | Sponsored by CAPS
Four-part workshop to explore the practices of mindfulness and the science behind them.

For more information or to be added to the Northwestern mindfulness list-serv, contact e-budzynski@northwestern.edu.