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Campus Safety

Your safety is our top priority. The Department of Safety and Security continues to take the necessary measures to protect students, faculty, and staff. Please visit the Department of Safety & Security website for more information about our services and safety related presentations that offer security tips and strategies to reduce the likelihood of crime.

The Department of Safety & Security offers free services to the University community, including safety escorts by Northwestern Police, and our Transportation & Parking team provides free shuttles between campuses and across the Evanston campus late into the night.

If you bike in the community, please review our bike safety resources and receive a free helmet and light when you register your bike. You may buy a U-lock at cost at the Evanston Parking Office, 1841 Sheridan Road, and at the Chicago campus University Parking Office, Abbott Hall, Rm 100, 710 North Lake Shore Drive.

Situational Awareness
Being mindful of yourself and those around you can truly make a difference. It is critical to use caution while traveling on and around campus.
  • Travel in groups when possible and always take the safest route, even if it is a little longer.
  • Use well-lit and busy sidewalks and avoid deserted sidewalks, vacant lots, and alleys.
  • Remain alert and be aware of your surroundings while crossing streets and taking public transportation, and keep electronics stored out of sight.
  • Avoid wearing stereo earplugs or headphones that prevent you from hearing what is going on around you.
  • If you have a purse or bag, hold it close to your body and carry only necessary money, credit cards, and electronics.
Key Reminders
Remember that safety is a shared responsibility, and you are our key partners in reducing the opportunity for crime to occur. You can help by taking proactive steps.
  • Please add the Northwestern Police telephone number, 847-491-3456, to the “Favorites” section of your cell phone contacts to ensure you can reach us quickly to report suspicious activity. You can also use campus "Blue Light" emergency phones to connect directly to University Police.
  • If you become aware of someone displaying concerning behavior, contact the Behavioral Consultation Team at 847-491-3456 or submit a Wildcats Aware: Concerning Behavior Reporting Form.
  • Do not leave property unattended, always lock your residence doors and windows, and please do not prop open apartment or residential security doors.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration in keeping our Northwestern community safe and secure for learning and living. We have asked our police officers to introduce themselves to you as they see you around campus, and we encourage you to get to know them so they may assist you as needed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Deputy Chief of Police, Eric Chin at or 847-467-3064, or Chief of Police, Bruce A. Lewis at or 847-491-4933.