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True Northwestern Dialogues (TNDs)

True Northwestern Dialogues (TNDs) series prompts every new student to explore issues related to self, connection to the community, navigation, and wellness and beyond. The TND series includes four pre-TND requirements during the summer, three programs during Wildcat Welcome, and several programs during the academic year.

Summer Online TNDs

All incoming students must complete four pre-TNDs during the summer months prior to their arrival on campus: Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates, Alcohol Education for Undergraduates, Campus Safety at Northwestern, and Hazing Prevention 101. 

Wildcat Welcome TNDs 

Students will participate in several True Northwestern Dialogues throughout Wildcat Welcome to help them prepare for their tenure at Northwestern. Students will attend each TND with their Peer Adviser group.  The TNDs will cover various topics important to our Northwestern community including Inclusion, Wellness, and Sexual Health. Students who do not attend each TND will have a hold placed on their course registration until all programs are completed.

TNDs During the Year

Twice per quarter, new students will participate in a TND that extends the conversation related to topics they started during Wildcat Welcome, but now with a bit more context and lived college experience. Students will continue these TNDs with their PA group!