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Lunar New Year Greetings from Northwestern President Morton Schapiro


Hello everyone,

I am Morty Schapiro, President of Northwestern University. And I am very proud to send my best wishes to everyone celebrating Lunar New Year. And I share my hope for good health and prosperity during this Year of the Ox.

The Year we just concluded, I don’t have to remind you, was a very difficult one full of challenges and sorrows.

My deepest hope is that you will thrive in this new year—as we work together to bring healing to the world. To make it a place where everyone can not only feel safe, but where everyone’s dignity and worth are affirmed and celebrated.

The Ox is associated with some of the very best qualities defining the human spirit: The ox is diligent, resolute and dependable; calm and humble; and of course very hard-working. Those are also the values we like to say are Midwestern values but also Northwestern values.

The spirit of the Ox is the spirit we need during this new year, in order to overcome our ongoing challenges and to build a kinder, more decent society.

I’m proud of our global Wildcat family—comprised of more than 200,000 thousand individuals: students, staff, faculty and alumni in Evanston, Chicago, Qatar and of course around the globe. I thank you for contributing in so many ways, not just to Northwestern, but to the greater world.

We at Northwestern remain firm in our support of the many global collaborations and partnerships we have developed over the years, and look forward in the future to redoubling those efforts.

May this new year, the year of the Ox, bring blessings to you and to your families and other loved ones.

Go ‘Cats!