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Pharmacy FAQ

Who can use NMG Pharmacy?

All Northwestern University students, visiting scholars, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary students, regardless if you are seen as a patient in the clinic.  You will be required to present a valid student identification card (i.e. NU WildCARD).


Do you accept outside health insurance/prescription plans?

We accept most major prescription plans. Please be sure to bring your prescription coverage/health insurance card whenever you use the Pharmacy. You can also pay full price and submit the claim yourself if we do not have access to your prescription coverage. 


I have a prescription from a pharmacy outside the Health Service. How do I get it transferred?

  1. If you have refills left on a prescription you may call or stop by the Pharmacy and give us the information on the label from the prescription container. We will contact your pharmacy to acquire your prescription refills. Please allow one business day for this to occur.
  2. Please be aware that some states have different laws regarding transfers which may limit the number of fills that can be transferred into or out of our pharmacy.  This may ultimately require you to follow up with your physician for a new prescription.
  3. If there are no refills left on the prescription, we can discuss contacting your prescriber for a prescription or you can make an appointment with one of our physicians to request a refill.
  4. You can also bring in your container and see a provider on staff to discuss re-writing the prescription. Please be aware that the provider here may request additional information and he/she will want to discuss your condition with you. This is done for your protection and for ours. It is also important to note that no provider on staff will write more than a one month extension of a prescription for birth control pills without a written copy of your most recent women's health exam.

How much difference is there in price between the NMG pharmacy and outside pharmacies?

There should be no difference in price if we accept your prescription plan. Overall, the prices at NMG Pharmacy are very competitive. We offer special prices on some items because we only service the Northwestern Community.

Please note that you are required to always show a valid ID from either Northwestern University (NU WildCARD) or Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary whenever you use the Pharmacy.

What should I do when the Pharmacy is closed?

It depends on the situation. If you are ill and at the Health Service, provisions will be made to get you your medication.


Can my doctor call in a prescription?

We accept phone-in prescriptions during regular business hours. Your doctor is welcome to fax or eScribe prescriptions to NMG Pharmacy. Faxed prescriptions must be physically signed by a physician. Your doctor may contact the Pharmacy at 847.491.2144 to get the fax number. If your doctor would like to speak to a doctor on staff, he/she should call 847.491.8100.


How do I get my prescription transferred to an outside pharmacy?

You should go to the pharmacy that you wish to fill your prescription at and they will call us for a transfer. The prescription becomes the property of the outside pharmacy and refills are deleted from our records.

Can a friend pick up my prescription?

This is possible only if you send him/her with your NU student ID card (WildCARD) and a written note with your signature and date authorizing release of the prescription to your friend, or you contact the Pharmacy directly to advise us who will pickup your prescription. In addition, your friend must present their own picture ID at the time of pick-up and sign their name to acknowledge receipt.

How do I pay for my Pharmacy order? What if I don't have enough money with me?

We accept debit or credit card. If your total charges exceed $5, you may opt to bill them to your NM patient account for billing at a later date.

Do you carry non-prescription, over-the counter (OTC) medications and products?

Yes. Come in and check out our non-prescription (OTC) products or call us at 847.491.2144 to see if we carry what you want.

What should I do with my expired or unused medication I want to dispose of?

Please reference the page on Disposal of Medication and Sharps.