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Rainbow Alliance

Rainbow Alliance is Northwestern’s undergraduate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual, and ally group whose main goal is to provide a safe space for students of all genders and sexualities by supporting an active and social community. If you are interested in learning more about Rainbow Alliance, please visit their website or their Rainbow Alliance Wildcat Connection listing here.

NU STANS (Society of Transgender and Non-Binary Students)

NU STANS is a student org on campus currently seeking students interested in leading and/or participating in this this creative and celebratory trans and non-binary healing and community space.  If you are interested in serving in a leadership role email, otherwise join their listserv to learn about future events and/or follow them on instagram.


Ga’avah (meaning “pride” in Hebrew) is an LGBTQIA+ affinity space at Northwestern Hillel. The group aims to create a safe space for LGBTQ+ students in a Jewish space, and any queer or questioning students are welcome. Learn more through Northwestern Hillel.


Black Health and Wellness Collaborative

BHWC is a collection of Black students that co-create events and opportunities tht priorites Black mental health through events, education, and community. BHWC's director of queer and trans initiatives helps co-qurate Black queer wellness in collaboration with BHWC and other student groups on campus. Learn more about BHWC through their instagram.



Spectra is an association for LBGTQ+ graduate and undergrate mathematicians created to promote visibility and foster a sense of community. If you are interested in attending our events, please visit our website, subscribe to our listserv, join our discord, or apply for chapter membership. If you have any questions please email us at

Queer Pride Graduate Student Association (QPGSA)

The Queer Pride Graduate Student Association is an award-winning social and advocacy group for graduate students enrolled in The Graduate School of Northwestern University. Founded in 2005, their membership now includes over 100 graduate students. QPGSA is committed to develop a sense of community among the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and allied members of Northwestern's graduate student community.

If you are interested in learning more about QPGSA, visit their QPGSA Website,  QPGSA Facebook Page or their QPGSA Wildcat Connection listing.


Pride@Kellogg is one of Kellogg's most active and visible student organizations, and has established Kellogg as the top business school for LGBT MBA students worldwide. Pride@Kellogg has existed at Kellogg since 1992. Over its life, the organization has actively worked to improve the professional, academic and social lives of LGBT Kellogg students, their friends and allies.

If you are interested in learning more about Pride@Kellogg, visit their website


oSTEM's undergraduate chapter aim to address the need for an LGBTQIA+ group with a STEM-specific focus within the Northwestern University undergraduate community. While our primary mission is to create a safe community for LGBTQIA+ individuals, we are also strongly committed to intersectionality as an organizing principle, and we therefore aim to actively center those who have been historically underrepresented in STEM and STEM-adjacent fields due to their gender, gender identity, sexual identity, racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds, or any other part of their identity, both established and questioning.

If you are interested in learning more about oSTEM visit their wildcat connection website or instagram.


oSTEM's graduate chapter aim to address the need for an LGBTQIA+ group with a STEM-specific focus within the university community. While our primary mission is to create community for LGBTQIA+ individuals, we are also strongly committed to intersectionality as an organizing principle, and we therefore aim to actively center those who have been historically underrepresented in higher education due to their gender, gender identity, and racial and ethnic backgrounds. We intend to establish connections with LGBTQIA+-identifying professionals in both industry and academia, to cultivate professional development opportunities for members. By increasing the visibility of LGBTQIA+ role models and providing students with access to culturally-competent mentorship, we can motivate LGBTQIA+ students to persist to degree completion in STEM fields and to become scientists.

If you are interested in learning more about goSTEM you can find contact information on their wildcat connection page.

Other Groups

While the groups below do not exclusively program for LGBTQIA+ students, these are groups who make consistent efforts to ensure the content of their work and organizational culture center LGBTQIA+ experiences:

B. Burlesque

B. Burlesque is a dance interest group for students of color to learn and perform the burlesque dance style. B. Burlesque is a safe-space for those who may also identify as queer or non-binary. Our goal is to promote body and sex positivity among students of color and non-binary and queer folk. We do not require auditions or prior dance experience, only sincere interest!

Facebook: B. Burlesque
IG: B.Burlesquenu


If you are looking for sexual health resources or would like to help lead sexual health education on campus consider engaging with SHAPE. SHAPE is a peer education group affiliated with CARE that is survivor-centered, sex-positive, and social justice oriented. We combat rape culture and work to create a culture of healthy sexuality through education, public events, and an open dialogue on sexual health, sex positivity, and sexual assault.

Find ways to connect and get involved with SHAPE through their website.

Out Network

Out Network Evanston and Out Network Chicago are the two employee resource groups that serve the Univeristy's LGBTQIA+ Faculty and Staff. These volunteer run organizations put on community building and networking events throughout the year for LGBTQIA+ employees of Northwester to connect. If you are an employee looking to be apart of these groups please reach out to their respective leadership members.


If you are a student looking for LGBTQIA+ faculty or staff mentorship or connection, those listed on the OutList have shared that they are open to hear from you! Feel free to reach out!



Evaston Community Organizations 

Evanston Pride 

City of Evanston 

ETHS Gender and Sexuality Alliance 

Evanston Public Library 

Regional Community Organizations 


LGBT Chamber of Commerce 

AIDS Foundation Chicago  (HIV/AIDS)

ALMA Chicago  (Latine)

Broadway Youth Center (Youth)

CMSA Chicago (Sports)

Proud to Run (Sports) 

Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus (Black) (Gay)

Trans Run Chicago (Sports) (Trans/NB)

Equity Illinois  (Advocacy)

Reeling Film Festival  (Arts)

Life is Work (Trans) (BIPOC)

Bisexual Queer Alliance of Chicago (Bisexual)

Gerbert/Hart Library and Archives (Learning Space)

About Face Theatre (Arts)

Center for Applied Transgender Studies (Academic)

HRC Illinois  (Advocacy)

Chicago Spirit Brigade (Sport)

Lighthouse Foundation  (Black)

Transformative Justice Project of Illinois  (Legal)

Illinois Safe Schools Alliance (Advocacy) (Youth)

Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus (Arts)

Brown Baby Art (Arts) (BIPOC)

Chicago Leather Dyke Picnic  (Women) (Trans/NB) (Kink)

Women, Trans, & Nonbinary Leather/Kink Social Chicago (Women) (Trans/NB) (Kink)

Gays against Guns Chicago (Advocacy)

Lakeside Pride Music Ensembles (Arts)

Trikone Chicago  (Desi)

Victory Lap Chicago (Sport)

Aywa Chicago (MENA)

Trans Chicago (Trans/NB)

Center on Halsted 

Youth Empowerment Performance Project (Arts) (Youth)

A Queer Pride 

Queer Sober Social 

Queer Kickboxing Club Chicago (Sport)

Queer Karaoke Chicago (Arts)

Queer Selfcare Sundays 

Queer Soccer Club (Sport)

The Lesbian Socail Club - Chicago (Lesbian)

Fight for Trans Rights Chi (Trans) (Advocacy)


Howard Brown Health 

Masjid al-Rabia (Faith)

Affinity Community Services (Black)

Taskforce Chicago (HIV/AIDS) (Youth) (BIPOC)

Brave Space Alliance 

The Leather Archives  & Museum (Learning Space)

National Community Organizations 

Lesbian Health Fund  (Lesbian)

Interact  (Intersex)

Family Equity (Advocacy)

Trans Lifeline  (Trans)

Transgender Law Center (Trans) (Legal) (Advocacy)

The Queer Muslim Project  (Faith)

Deaf Queer Resource Center (Deaf)

The TransLatin@ Coalition (Trans/NB) (Latine)

Trans Empowerment Project (Trans/NB)

Point of Pride  (Trans/NB)

The Okra Project (Black) (Trans/NB)

Audre Lorde Project  (BIPOC)

Marsha P Johnson Institute (Black) (Trans/NB)

National Center for Transgender Equality  (Advocacy) (Trans/NB)

National Queer Theater  (Arts)

Bi Pan Library (Learning Space) (Bisexual) (Pansexual)

Out for Undergrad  

Point Foundation 

Queer Youth Assemble (Youth) (Advocacy)

Lamba Legal (Advocacy) (Legal)

Victory Fund (Advocacy)

Advocates for Youth (Youth) (Advocacy)

Black AIDS Institute (Black) (HIV/AIDS)

Black Trans Fund  (Black) (Trans)

Astraea Foundation (Lesbian)

Bisexual Resource Center (Bisexual)

Intersex Justice Project (Intersex) (Youth)

The Body (HIV/AIDS)

Bi+ Youth Project (Youth) (Bisexual)

American Trans Resource Hub (Trans)

ProjectOUT (Trans/NB)


GLAAD (Advocacy)

The AIDS Memorial  (HIV/AIDS)