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Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Northwestern’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) policy establishes requirements for licensed pilots and registered aircraft to safely fly over predetermined areas on Northwestern property. 

To request UAS flight approval on and over Northwestern property, please complete this form with at least 48 hours advance notice, which requires the information below. Do not attempt to complete this form unless all applicable requested items below are available.

  • Pilot in Charge (PIC) contact information (i.e., phone and email) and FAA license number
  • UAS weight and FAA registration number
  • If the flight is over Northwestern athletics fields, obtain pre-approval from Northwestern Athletics and provide the name of the approver
  • Upload the following documentation:
    • FAA PIC license
    • PIC night training certificate (for night flights)
    • Flight plan map indicating all areas of operation
    • Certificate of Insurance (COI) if the PIC is a contractor or vendor
    • A written safety plan for indoor flights or flights that will impact walkways or roadways, which must include procedures to ensure no conflict between people, equipment, and property; a plan for all UAS movements and flight paths; established safe speeds (e.g., 5 mph) and distances (e.g., 50 ft) to people, equipment, and property; access control plan for the operating area; and emergency procedures (e.g., collisions).

Program Highlights

  • Responsibilities
  • Pilot and aircraft requirements
  • Flight paths and approved flight areas
  • Flight notification and approval requirements


For additional information, please contact