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Personal Protective Equipment

This program establishes guidelines for minimizing exposure to hazards and mitigating the risk of occupational diseases, injury, and fatality through the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). PPE is not a substitute for more effective control methods (i.e., elimination, substitution, engineering, administrative), and its use will be considered only when other means of protection are not adequate or feasible; PPE must only be used in conjunction with other controls, unless no other means of hazard control exist. Northwestern requires all faculty, staff, students, visitors, and volunteers to use appropriate PPE when deemed necessary through the completion of a PPE Hazard Assessment.

Program Highlights

  • Responsibilities
  • PPE use
  • PPE hazard assessment certification
  • Selection of PPE
  • Procurement of PPE
  • PPE storage
  • PPE cleaning and maintenance
  • Training requirements

Documents and Forms