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Gender Inclusive Initiatives

Northwestern’s Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion acknowledges the important work in which many of our campus partners have been engaged to increase access, resources, and support for our gender expansive students, faculty and staff. Our commitment to this work builds upon decades of advocacy and leadership for, and research related to the experiences of, trans, non-binary, and genderqueer members of our University community. The recommendations put forth in the 2018-2019 Gender Queer, Non-Binary and Trans (GQNBT) Task Force have guided our efforts. More information about the task force and links to the full report along with recent updates can be found on the GQNBT Task Force webpage.

Fully supporting our gender expansive community necessitates continuous improvement and commitment. We celebrate our successes while remaining aware that more needs to be done. The GQNBT Task Force recommendations give Northwestern a foundation upon which we will continue to build. OIDI and the Women’s Center are partnering to develop a Gender Inclusive Initiatives (GII) Action Plan that will track the institution’s progress and outline action steps for realizing the Task Force recommendations. The System Updates project is embedded within this overall effort.


Gender Inclusive Initiatives 2019-2020 Update 

Link to System Updates for Name and Pronouns subpage

Current Initiative: System Updates for Names and Pronouns

Become a Trans Inclusive Action Leader

  1. Review the  GQNBT report  and the student survey
  2. Learn about trans and nonbinary peoples' experiences on and off college campuses
  3. Participate in LGBTQIA trainings and workshops
  4. Develop individual and unit/department-level diversity, equity, and inclusion goals
  5. Attend and sponsor events and programs that center the experiences of trans and nonbinary people
  6. Most importantly, SUPPORT and AFFIRM our trans and nonbinary students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members!

Pronoun Awareness

Campus Resources

Campus Support

Faculty & Staff Support

Equity & Access – The Office of Civil Rights and Title IX Compliance

Enrichment: Trans Inclusive Education Training

Gender Inclusive Recommended Readings