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IDEA Data Dashboard

Welcome to the IDEA Data Dashboards. We hope you find this to be a space where you can learn more about the demographic composition of Northwestern University. We intend for these dashboards to be improved and refined over time as we are able collect data that reflects the multiple identities of our community.


We will soon post dashboards that display the demographic composition of Northwestern University, and we welcome your suggestions on how to improve them.

Dashboard Notes

A few important notes about the IDEA Data Dashboards:

  • Race/Ethnicity Categories: The race/ethnicity categories used in this dashboard are based on federal data requirements for reporting race/ethnicity. We recognize that these options are not always inline with how people view their own identities, and we are working to find ways of collecting more nuanced data that reflects our community.
  • Sex and Race/Ethnicity: This first iteration of our IDEA Data Dashboards allows for us to understand Northwestern compositional diversity through two lenses: sex and race/ethnicity. We understand that this is limiting and there are many other important aspects of identity. We are currently working on finding systematic ways to collect more nuanced diversity information about our community.
  • Sharing the data: Any information that is currently available on these dashboards is public data. This means that you can share this data or direct others to this website. It is important to note that these data are used for generalized findings not to specifically identify individuals.
  • Data suppression restrictions: While data transparency is a goal of these dashboards, it is important to balance transparency with confidentiality. Therefore, any information that has 7 or fewer individuals will show up as blank in the dashboards.