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Learn about our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Northwestern University’s Office for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Transformational STRANDS

The Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion utilizes STRANDS as both a metaphor and framework for advancing diversity and inclusion at Northwestern University.  

The four intertwined strands of ACCESS, EQUITYENRICHMENT, and WELLBEING guide the focus of our work through the development and implementation of strategic equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives across the university 

We view the imagery of STRANDS as one that invokes flexibility, creativity, and connectedness, which are critical elements needed to activate our campus community and transform our campus culture in order to create a Northwestern that is accessible, equitable, enriching and supports the well-being of all. 

                    ACCESS                   EQUITY        ENRICHMENT              WELLBEING 



OIDI works across the university to identify and develop solutions to persistent and uneven access, retention, and advancement of underrepresented and marginalized faculty, staff and students 


OIDI harnesses both the historic legacy and contemporary university context to redress the persistence of inequality and promotes policies, procedures and practices that mitigate structural inequities. 


OIDI advances the intellectual mission of the university by bringing to light practices and structures that reframes our center of knowing within the University’s learning, teaching, research, artistic and professional environments.  


OIDI draws upon our mission to activate a university-wide commitment that places the well-being of our faculty, staff and students as key priorities for a diverse and inclusive University. 


STRANDS are identifiable and flexible

STRANDS build, create, reinforce, weave, cohere, intertwine

STRANDS embody diversity and unity; the single, the interconnected and the whole

STRANDS appear in braids, baskets, rugs, cables for bridges, sweaters; tassels; and DNA

The four STRANDS of OIDI animate the collective diversity and inclusion work of Northwestern University.


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