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Women's Center

Women's Center

Who We Are

Fostering a campus climate that promotes equity and enriches the lives of all members of the University community

2022-2023 Women's Center staff and volunteers on the couch in the community room

Welcome to the Northwestern Women’s Center.

We are committed to gender equity and inclusion at Northwestern University. Our center serves as a space for support, community, advocacy, and affirmation for all those affected by gender oppression.

Gender Equity and Inclusion

We support all women, trans, non-binary and gender-expansive students, faculty, and staff

News and Events

What's happening at the Women's Center


NU queer parenting support group fosters awareness, community

January 12, 2024
from The Daily Northwestern

“I’m really glad that I did take that first step to go to meetings because otherwise, I don’t really have a group to talk about these types of questions,” Petoskey said. “And how cool is it that it’s at the place where I work?”


Illustration by Beatrice Villaflor

Graduate student parent group finds “disconnect” between caregiving needs and NU resources

November 2, 2023
from The Daily Northwestern

"The group outlined plans to advocate for increased stipends and subsidized healthcare in partnership with the NU Graduate Workers Union."

photo by Samantha Powers 



NU Women's Center Annual Garden Party

12:00 PM Women's Center, 2000 Sheridan Rd.
Please join us as we close out the school year on the Women's Center Lawn.  We will honor our Shujaa, Rhea Banks; get a ...

From a Black Womb: Visceralizing Labor and Reproductive Capacity

4:30 PM
Please Join Feminist in Residence Kyrin Hobson and Ireashia Bennett for a conversation about the art project, From a Bla...