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Office of Equity

Fostering a culture of access, belonging and accountability.

Annual Online Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training for Returning Students

Northwestern’s annual online sexual misconduct prevention training is now live and is open until Tuesday, November 11, 2020. All returning students should have received an email from with instructions for completing the course. If you have questions, or if you feel uncomfortable taking the training due to past experience or other impact, please contact the Office of Equity at

Recent Policy Changes

Read about the recent policy changes in our News section.

In the wake of the senseless killing of George Floyd by police, we increase our resolve to create a Northwestern community where all people are accorded the equity, dignity and safety they deserve. The Office of Equity condemns racism and racist violence in all its forms. Our staff remain available to provide support and resources to any Northwestern community members who are impacted by harassment or discrimination on the basis of race.

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Northwestern is committed to fostering an environment in which all members of our community are safe, secure, and free from sexual misconduct, discrimination and discriminatory harassment. Northwestern encourages anyone in our community who has been the target of, or who witnesses, sexual misconduct, discrimination, or harassment based on a protected category to report the incident to the Office of Equity so that those impacted can be provided with information on available resources and options.

Report Sexual Misconduct                   Report Discrimination or Harassment

Let’s Stay Connected

The Office of Equity will continue to support students, staff, and faculty during these unprecedented times.

Please join us Every Thursday from 10AM – 12PM for Virtual Office Hours.

How We Help

All members of the Northwestern University community should be free from discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct.

The Office of Equity upholds Northwestern's commitment to fostering such an environment.

Equity Policies

We implement University policies related to discrimination, harassment and providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities.

See These Policies

Reporting Procedures

All Northwestern employees, including student employees, are required to report any sexual misconduct, discrimination or harassment of which they become aware during the scope of their work.

Learn about Reporting Issues

Sexual Misconduct Response & Prevention

We respond to all reports of sexual misconduct by investigating complaints, providing help to those who report misconduct.

Visit the Website

Accessibility Resources

We help the University maintain an inclusive environment by providing resources to help them create accessible digital assets and physical spaces on campus.

Find Resources

Affirmative Action Program

We help faculty and staff identify and analyze the diversity of their unit’s workforce, by examining hiring, promotion, retention and compensation.

Read more about our program

Act Now

All members of the Northwestern community have rights and responsibilities. Learn more about reporting violations of our policies or requesting accommodations to which you may be entitled.

Training for students, staff and faculty

We train students, staff and faculty on their rights and responsibilities across topics that range from harassment prevention to creating gender-inclusive spaces.

Learn about our offerings and outreach events.

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Announcements & Statements

Stay informed on the Office of Equity’s newest initiatives and announcements.