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Campus Highlights

You've gotta see it to believe it.

Like the rest of Northwestern, our campuses are multi-dimensional and one-of-a-kind.

New facilities and old traditions. Close-knit community and cutting-edge resources. College town vibe and big-city access. Winding paths and beachfront views.

Use this page to glimpse a few of its buildings, landmarks and sights. You can also take our online, interactive virtual tour.

Virtual Tour 

Favorite Spots

It might be a secret study spot, a bustling hangout or a gorgeous running path. Here are some of the best loved places on campus.

Picture of kids playing soccer
Lakeside Fields: “It’s a really nice soccer field next to the lakefront, which has a beautiful view of the skyline of Chicago. When the field isn’t being used, a lot of the pickup soccer happens there, which can be really fun.” Magan Oma, class of 2016
Picture of the inside of Norris
Norris University Center: “As far as I am concerned, Norris is the heart of campus. I like to go there in between classes and to meet friends.” Kori Cooper, class of 2018
Picture of stained glass window
Alice Millar Chapel: “Sometimes I go there to practice, and when the light is shining through the stained-glass windows in the quiet of the early morning, it’s the most beautiful and peaceful place on campus.” Spencer Park, class of 2016
Students playing frisbee
Deering Meadow: "You can take a break lying down on the grass on a sunny day, play Frisbee, get free food during an event—all while overlooking a Hogwarts-esque building—what’s not to like (or Instagram)?” Astrid Goh, class of 2017
Picture of Shakespeare Garden
Shakespeare Garden: “I love strolling through the Shakespeare Garden in the summer and during the winter.” Simran Chadha, class of 2019
Picture of the observatory
Dearborn Observatory: “On clear Friday nights it opens for students to walk around the telescope and look at the solar system.” Rosemarie Chandler, class of 2016.
Picture of inside deering
The architecture wing of Deering Library: "Whenever I need to study for a midterm, I head to its mahogany tables, where light streams in through vibrant stain-glass windows and I can think while overlooking a quiet garden.” Carter Sherman, class of 2016
Students walking across Sheridan
Sheridan Road: "In the fall, it’s an amazingly long road to go for a run on, and in the winter, it’s the perfect path to walk alone with your earphones and music blasting, waving to everyone you love walking on the opposite side." Liz Kang, class of 2018
Picture of the lobby to the Henry Crown Sports Pavilion
Henry Crown Sports Pavilion: "I spend so much time there for practice and matches. I like to hang out in our locker room or in the lounge by the courts and look out the big windows on the lakefront." Mihir Kumar, class of 2016
Student sitting outside of Norris working on his laptop
Norris University Center: "In Norris there are tables outside, where students can hang out. I love going there to grab a bite to eat while studying outside. When the weather is nice and the sun is out this is definitely a go to spot for me." Destiny Edouard, class of 2017
Picture of campus building with flowers in front
"In the springtime the whole campus is so beautiful, full of blooming flowers, and both spots catch great sun light. I love bathing in the sun between classes." Genevieve Enowmbitang, class of 2016
Picture of the front of Harris Hall
First Fridays at Harris Hall: "My favorite spot is Harris Hall on the first Friday evenings of every month, as that is where my favorite student improv group, the Titanic Players, perform!" Clare Ling, class of 2018
Picture of a recital hall inside the new music building
Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Center for the Musical Arts: "The new music building and Arts Green is already my favorite spot on campus. I’m really excited about the prospect of having all the music and theater programs under one roof." Elisabeth Lusche, class of 2017
Picture of students hanging out on the beach
"I love the student beach. It is an incredible facility to have on campus and it is very enjoyable to spend time there." Lisa McCarthy, class of 2016
Picture of students inside of the Block Museum
Block Museum: "The Block Museum regularly brings in new exhibits, and they are always interesting and unusual. It is conveniently by the Norris Student Center and the music buildings where I spend a lot of my time." Myrtil Mitanga, class of 2017
Picture of Annenberg Hall
Annenberg Hall: "My favorite spot on campus is the third floor of Annenberg Hall, because it provides a panoramic view of the lakefill and also allows you to see part of the Chicago skyline in the distance. Plus, you can see all of this from inside a heated building in the winter!" Jacob Rosenblum, class of 2017

For more of our current students' favorite locations in Evanston and Chicago, visit the interactive map on the Undergraduate Admissions website.

Our Evanston and Chicago Campuses

Two campuses, 12 miles apart and bordered by a Great Lake.

In addition to public transit, our free intercampus shuttle runs students between the Evanston and downtown Chicago campuses.

Northwestern University in Qatar

Northwestern University in Qatar is located in Doha's Education City.

campus shotSince 2008, Northwestern University in Qatar has offered undergraduate degrees in communication and journalism.

NU-Q is located in Doha's Education City, a sprawling 2,500-acre campus is a unique higher education environment with spectacular architecture and modern amenities.

Northwestern University in Qatar

Campus Additions

Welcome to our building boom.

Kellogg School of Management Building
The Global Hub houses the full-time Kellogg School of Management MBA program and Weinberg's Department of Economics. The building includes classrooms, flexible learning environments, community gathering spaces, offices and food service, with spectacular views of the campus, lake and pond.
Simpson Querrey Biomedical Research Center
The Louis A. Simpson and Kimberly K. Querrey Biomedical Research Center is connected to the Robert H. Lurie Medical Research Center. The 600,000-square-foot research center has nine laboratory floors, with the ability to accommodate an additional 15 laboratory floors of vertical expansion in the future.
Visitors Center
The Segal Visitors Center features broad views of Lake Michigan and the University's new Sailing Center. The 170,000-square-foot facility, designed by Chicago architectural firm Perkins+Will, includes an auditorium, meeting rooms, offices for admission staff and waiting areas for visitors.
The new music building
The $108 million Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Center for the Musical Arts features Smart Classroom technology, a 400-seat recital hall and dramatic views. The building has LEED Gold certification for sustainability.
Our newest facilities are state-of-the-art, sustainable, and ready to be filled with big talent and big ideas.

240 acresof natural beauty,

including several hundred varieties of trees, grasses and flowers.


Signs of our students' creativity and values are visible all around campus.

From the lakeside rocks that students paint to the event fliers they tape to pathways, our vibrant campus reflects their interests and energy.

Rock Webcam

Take a peek at The Rock, a huge chunk of stone set in a plaza in the middle of campus. Painting the Rock with colorful (in both senses of the word) slogans is perhaps Northwestern's best-known tradition.

Almost every night students "guard" the Rock for 24 hours to earn the privilege of painting it. Over the years the Rock has displayed a lot of different messages, including advertisements for student groups, birthday wishes and even a marriage proposal.

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