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By using common design elements, Northwestern’s many websites can present a consistent experience for users. Through flexible, branded templates and basic design requirements, the university’s digital properties should have a consistent look and feel.

Branded Web Templates

The University offers branded web templates that can be used on a variety of platforms, including the Cascade CMS and NUsites. The templates are updated frequently by the Office of Global Marketing and Communications for user-experience and accessibility improvements. They are available to Northwestern departments, centers, groups and faculty.

Learn more about the accessing and applying the templates.

Required Elements

Some elements are required for all Northwestern websites.

  • Sites should include the Northwestern wordmark. That wordmark should link back to the Northwestern home page.
  • Sites should include the unit's contact information in the footer.

Website Header

The header at the top of a webpage includes the Northwestern wordmark, the site title and optional links.

Website Footer

The footer at the bottom of a webpage includes required links, contact information and optional site-specific links.