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Accessibility Best Practices

Digital accessibility for social media platforms is constantly evolving, and each platform offers their own guidance. The information below is by no means exhaustive, but provides an overview of ways to ensure the social media experience is accessible and inclusive.

  • Include descriptive and detailed alt-text (alternative text) descriptions whenever possible on graphics and images.
  • Capitalize the first letters in hashtags and multi-word hashtags (also known as Camel-Case).
  • Whenever possible, provide a text alternative way to read copy that is incorporated into an image. For example, this can be done by linking to full copy on a separate webpage, or it can be included in the in-feed copy.
  • Ensure text is legible and clear in copy and images.
  • Use captioning in all videos with dialogue. Some platforms offer automatic captioning which can be edited. Include video descriptions.
  • Write in plain language as much as possible, which includes limited use of caps, hashtags, acronyms and emojis.

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