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Cash Management

The ASRSP Cash Management team supports consistent cash flow for Northwestern’s sponsored research activity by receiving and applying payments, processing rebates, and pursuing collection of debts.

Sponsor Payment Methods

Sponsors disburse funding to Northwestern through three main mechanisms.

Letter of credit (LOC): Most federal agencies authorize Northwestern to draw down funds via a letter of credit on a cost reimbursement basis. Funds can be drawn as many as 90 days (in some cases 120 days) beyond the award end date, but draws are rejected thereafter.  

Electronic fund transfer (EFT): Sponsors can send funds electronically, either through an ACH or wire. An electronic fund transfer requires additional information to identify the award to which it applies. 

Check: Sponsors can also send checks directly to the ASRSP Cash team. If a check is received by the principal investigator or department, it should be transferred immediately to ASRSP.  

Sponsor Payment Instructions

The following instructions are also available on a quick reference PDF.

Payment by Wire/ACH Transfer Instructions    
Northwestern University’s 
Bank Name & Address:    
JP Morgan Chase, N.A.
10 S. Dearborn Street, 36th Floor 
Chicago, IL 60603
Bank Account Number:    5571065
Name on Account: Northwestern University
ABA#/ Wire Only:    021000021
ABA#/ ACH Only:         071000013
Swift Code:      CHASUS33

Please include the following information in the transfer:

  1. Award/Contract Number
  2. Invoice Number

Please email ASRSP at with the following information as soon as the wire/ACH is transmitted:

  1. Source of wire/ACH (sender and bank)
  2. Any identifying code numbers (reference and verification)
  3. Date wire/ACH transfer is expected
  4. Amount of wire/ACH transfer
  5. Award/Contract number
  6. Invoice number
Payment by Check Instructions
First Class, Certified, or Overnight Mail

Cash Management
Northwestern University
633 Clark, Room 547
Evanston, IL 60208

 Please include the following information on the check:

  1. Award/Contract Number
  2. Invoice Number
Payments Received by Departments

Any type of payment for a grant that is received by a department must be sent immediately to ASRSP for processing, along with any remittance advice or backup received with the payment.

Campus Mail

ASRSP - Cash Management
633 Clark, Room G547

Hand Delivery

Chicago: Maureen Johnson
Rubloff Building - 750 N. Lake Shore, 7th Floor

Evanston: Tameka Jackson
633 Clark, Room G547 (Crown North Tower)

Clinical Trial Invoicing

Clinical trial invoices must be created on the ASRSP Clinical Trial Invoice Template which contains the necessary information for processing incoming payment.


Payments received for the purpose of reimbursing a grant must be sent to ASRSP. Rebates may be issued for circumstances including the following:

  • Travel that was paid for by another agency
  • Conference/Registration fee that was paid for by another agency
  • Refunds/credits from a vendor for supplies charged to a grant

Program Income

Program Income payments should be sent to ASRSP for processing along with a completed Program Income Statement.

Program income includes but is not limited to:

  • Fees for services performed, such as laboratory tests
  • Money from the use, sale, or rental of equipment purchased with project funds
  • Sales of supplies or equipment purchased or fabricated with project funds
  • Sale of software, tapes or publications
  • Sale of research materials, such as animal models or reagents
  • Fees from participants at conference or symposia
  • Royalties from patents and copyrights (Note: Income resulting from royalties or licensing fees is generally exempt from reporting as program income). Please see NIH definition.

If you have any questions regarding Program Income, please contact your Grant and Contract Financial Administrator (GCFA).

Current Unapplied Payments 

The Cash team conducts periodic review of unapplied payments. Payments remain unapplied when their corresponding project cannot be determined due to insufficient information from the sponsor when payment is submitted to the University. A spreadsheet containing unapplied payments is prepared for campus review and assistance with identifying payments. Please email immediately with information that can be used matched with payments.

Current Unapplied Payments