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COVID-19 Affected Sponsored Projects - Cost Allowability

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Cost Allowability for Sponsored Projects Impacted by COVID-19

In light of the recent notices from the Office of Management and Budget and Federal sponsors, Northwestern has amended the Charging Sponsored Projects policy.  The amended policy sets forth the guiding principles for determining whether it is appropriate to charge a given cost to a sponsored project related to or affected by COVID-19. The amendment also indicates that in the event a sponsoring agency has published specific terms and conditions pertaining to COVID-19, the impacted project costs must be charged according to the sponsoring agency’s requirements. This amended policy is retroactive to January 20, 2020 through the public health emergency period, and prior to the date of an award for all applicants and recipients that have been affected by COVID-19.

Guidance and templates are available to implement the policy and provide consistent documentation of sponsored project charges during this period.


Guidance and Templates

Note: to access these forms and guidance, a valid Net ID is required.


Additional Resources