Budget and Expense Account Codes

Sponsored Project Budget and Account Code Tree

In the PeopleSoft chart string-based systems that Northwestern uses to manage financial transactions, all expenses are classified by five digit expense account codes (e.g. – 73475 is “Lab Supplies and Hardware”).

These expense account codes are grouped together in related five digit budget categories. The expense account codes are said to “roll-up to” particular budget category codes (e.g. – budget category “Supplies” is 73000 and several lab supply-related expense account codes like “73475 – Lab Supplies and Hardware” roll up to 73000).

The Office for Sponsored Research (OSR) establishes new sponsored projects with a specific set of budget category codes based on the terms of the award agreement. The corresponding expense account codes are then available for use on the associated chart string(s).

Please visit the Office for Sponsored Research Award Establishment website which provides additional narrative detail for how OSR determines sponsored project expenses account codes. The website also details the necessary procedures for submitting requests to make budget categories and their expense accounts available on existing sponsored research projects.