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Campuswide Tutoring

Peer and TA tutoring are available free of charge for many courses. Check the list below for help when you need it. (And don't forget to take advantage of your professor's office hours!) Also consider a quarter-long study group for sustained support.

Science, Math and Engineering

Biology, Chemistry, Math and Physics


Drop-In Peer Tutoring is available throughout the week for the Engineering Analysis sequence.

Social Sciences and Humanities

Economics and Statistics

  • Drop-In Peer Tutoring is available throughout the week in a number of subjects.
  • The Economics Department and Office of Residential Academic Initiatives partner to host Economics Exam Review Study Tables to help students prepare for midterms and finals.  Details are publicized to students enrolled in covered courses in advance of the sessions.


  • French tutoring and writing support is offered at the French Tutoring Center and French Writing Center by the Department of French and Italian. In addition, both French and Italian tutors are available several days a week. More information can be found by contacting the department, or refer to the Tutor Center door, Crowe 2-113, for the schedule of availability.
  • The German Department Writing Center provides virtual and live support for students writing German papers or other texts, and offers regular workshops on German grammar and writing.
  • Spanish and Portuguese tutoring and writing support is offered through the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.
  • The Buffett Institute for Global Studies and Office of Residential Academic Initiatives partner to host Language Tables which provide a supportive environment for speakers at any level of proficiency in Arabic, Chinese, English (ESL), French, German, Hindi-Urdu, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swahili. Free refreshments!


The Philosophy Department offers the Ruth Barcan Marcus Clinic, which is a drop-in, peer-led opportunity for students to work through class material for PHIL 150 (Intro to Logic). Peer instructors are students who performed well in the class in the past. Tutoring will take place on Zoom in Canvas (the site associated with the class). Peer instructors hours are as follows:

  • Amelia Mylvaganam: Wednesdays, 10:30am-11:30am
  • Maria Galaviz Huerta: Tuesdays, 4:00pm-5:00pm 


General writing resources

  • The Writing Place is Northwestern's center for peer writing consultations. Consultants can help at any stage of the writing process on projects ranging from class papers to application letters and essays. Consultations are available to anyone in the Northwestern community.
  • The History Writing Center offers writing help for students in any history course.
  • NuWrite is Northwestern's home for online writing resources, contributed by faculty. These include writing advice, grading criteria, sample paper topics, and teaching tips.

Graduate student resources

The Graduate Writing Place is staffed by advanced PhD candidates from various disciplines, serving Northwestern graduate students working on dissertations, conference papers and journal publications. Consultations are also open to post-docs, faculty and staff.

Chicago campus resources

Schaffner's Writing Place offers writing support on the Chicago campus for students in the School of Professional Studies, as well as other Chicago campus students. Online and distance appointments are available.