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Course Support

Academic Support and Learning Advancement offers collaborative peer-learning experiences to support undergraduates' learning in a range of courses. Students meet regularly with experienced peer leaders to review course content, work on problems, and prepare for exams. The documented benefits of peer learning are many, and students who take part in our course support programs often report that they gain confidence in the class, understand the material better, make new connections to classmates, and enhance their overall performance. Our programs include:

  • Peer-Guided Study GroupsQuarter-long, small-group, peer-led, weekly study and review in science and social science courses.
  • Drop-In Peer Tutoring: Drop-in study and tutoring for a range of science, math, and social science courses.

For other course-support resources, including departmental TA tutoring, writing help, and more, see the Undergraduate Academic Resource Portal. Be sure to check out advice on effective studying and our student and faculty videos.

Faculty information

If you are a faculty member interested in learning more about our programs, please visit the for faculty page.

Questions or comments?

Please contact us for more information or make an appointment to connect with one of our staff members to help you find the best resources and develop a plan to achieve your goals.

Policy on tutor matching: We offer a wide range of opportunities, in a variety of settings, for course support. To maintain our quality standards and ensure access for all students, we do not offer a tutor-matching service or provide lists of tutors available for hire. Read our full policy on tutor matching.