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Academic Resource Directory

University resources

If you're a Northwestern student, you're a skilled learner — but that doesn't mean you never need help. The best learners are the ones who seek (and give) support when it's needed. Use this directory to find tutoring, group study, general academic support, and other academic opportunities available in a variety of departments across campus.

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Campuswide Tutoring

Know where to go for help when the work gets challenging! See this section for tutoring available in a variety of departments across campus.

Review tutoring services
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Campus resources

Many campus offices are dedicated to supporting your academic goals and well-being. We list advising resources, career-planning services, stress-management help and more.

Learn where to find guidance

Get the advice you need to succeed

Hear advice from experienced undergraduates on succeeding academically at Northwestern.

Keep exploring

This website offers a variety of additional resources for academic support.

  • Join a quarter-long study group
    Boost your learning with regular practice and exposure to others' perspectives. Groups are available for a wide range of courses.
  • Get support to enhance your study strategies
    Rethinking your approaches to learning can boost your performance and help you feel more in control of your course load.
  • Sharpen your study strategies
    Lots of talented students make common learning errors without realizing it. We've compiled advice to help you improve study skills, time and stress management, and more.