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Below are answers to many of the common questions students have about Peer-Guided Study Groups.

When does PGSG registration open?

Study Group registration opens the Wednesday of Week 1 of each quarter. Please note that registration begins at 12:00am midnight between Tuesday and Wednesday (that is, 12 am on Wednesday morning).

I’m getting an error message on CAESAR that I have a class conflict, but the conflict is for an exam. What should I do?

Please email Borislava at with the course number of the PGSG session you’re trying to join AND your 7-digit student ID number.

Weekly attendance is expected in PGSG. What if I have a conflict I’m already aware of? Can I still join?

As long as the conflict is not ongoing throughout the quarter, then yes, you can join the study group. We allow for two absences. (There is some additional flexibility in cases of emergency.)

Why can’t I register for a PGSG offered to a different professor’s students?

Study Groups are designated for specific professors based on the faculty preference. This ensures the Study Groups are more coherent and more relevant to students.

Can I just work on my homework during the PGSG sessions?

The Study Groups are not meant as time for getting homework done. If you have specific questions about homework problems, it’s OK to raise those during the sessions, but you should complete your homework on your own.

I’m #1 on the waitlist. Does that mean I can attend the session?

No, students who are on the waitlist must wait to be notified if a spot becomes available. Only registered students may attend the Study Group sessions.  

If I miss a study group meeting/have a conflict one week, can I attend a different study group meeting for that week?

No. Unfortunately, if a student cannot make their regularly scheduled study group they cannot attend a different section.

Can my friend join a study group meeting one week even if they’re not registered for the group?

Unfortunately, they cannot. Only registered students may attend.

How many study group meetings am I allowed to miss per quarter?

Study Group participants are allowed two absences per quarter, no questions asked. Any additional absences will result in an unsatisfactory grade. (Additional flexibility will be offered in cases of emergency.)

If the study group I registered for no longer works for my schedule, can I switch sections?

It depends! If it’s within the first two weeks of the program AND there are spots in the other study groups, then you might be able to switch sections.

Can I automatically stay with my peer leader for the next quarter if my class is a part of a sequence?

We know that many students hope to stay with the same peer leader in the next class within a sequence. We're so glad to see these positive connections! While we can't guarantee placement in a particular peer leader's section, you can ask your leader which section they are scheduled for in the coming quarter, and sign up for that one if possible. Keep in mind that ASLA has many wonderful peer leaders, all dedicated to helping you learn!

Who is my peer leader?

Study Group peer leaders are students like yourself, who have taken the course and are trained to facilitate peer-to-peer learning. Keep in mind that your peer leader is just that: a peer. Your leader’s role is to help guide you and your group as you work through problems and build on concepts from the course. They are not a teacher and will not always know the answers to your questions – but can help you find the resources that will help you answer those questions. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of your professor’s and/or TA’s office hours in addition to regularly attending your study group session.

How do I become a peer leader?

You can find information about ASLA’s peer leader recruitment, the application process, and peer-leader training here.

Are there any materials provided by the professor that are exclusively for the study group? I couldn’t register for a PGSG. Can I receive a copy of the study group materials without attending?

PGSG leaders pull review and practice materials from various sources and may develop their own practice problems. These are intended for use only within the sessions. In rare cases, faculty may provide practice problems for the groups. In such cases, we ask the faculty to make these available to the whole class.