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Academic Support and Learning Advancement supports Northwestern undergraduates in achieving their full academic potential. As part of the Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching, we strive to advance learning at Northwestern by helping talented students become more effective learners, increase their comfort and confidence in courses, and meet their academic goals.

Our programming includes course-specific support and general academic strategies support.

Much of our programming uses a peer-to-peer model. The benefits of peer learning have been well documented in the educational research literature, and include increased comfort asking questions and sharing ideas, exposure to a variety of problem-solving approaches and ways of thinking about the material, practice explaining one’s ideas to others, and enhanced insight into one’s own learning and study strategies. Our peer leaders are carefully selected and trained, and they are all committed to helping their fellow students advance and succeed academically.

We take an evaluation-driven approach to our programming. We regularly assess our programs in multiple ways, and we use data to drive program improvements.

We welcome you to explore our offerings and contact us for more information.