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Safety Information for Families

The University takes seriously its commitment to promoting a safe and welcoming environment for minors participating in Northwestern-sponsored programs and activities as well as non-University programs that occur on campus.

Northwestern is taking a number of important steps to establish safeguards for your child:

  • We are educating members of the University community and those who run programs on campus about the warning signs of abuse and neglect.
  • Our Minors at Northwestern Policy establishes a clear set of requirements for reporting known or suspected minor abuse or neglect.
  • We require training on the protection of minors for those who will regularly supervise minors on campus.
  • We require certain categories of adults who participate in programs and activities to clear criminal background checks.

Tips for parents

  • Always call 9-1-1 if you suspect that there is immediate danger to your child.
  • Let the University know promptly by contacting Northwestern University Police Department (847) 491-3456 or your local police department.
  • Talk to your child using age-appropriate language about the following:
    • The difference between appropriate and inappropriate touching
    • The fact that children can say NO to any unwanted touch
    • The fact that children can and should speak up if they ever feel unsafe